Myers-Briggs Personality Assesment

One of the world’s most utilized personality tools. Understand how you are wired + how to work with others.


The Myers-Briggs personality assessment is one of the most popular personality tools in the world, used by giant companies and small organizations alike. Why? Because it is tremendously helpful to understand how you are wired to best make decisions, get energy + deal with the outside world. This is helpful for personal growth, interpersonal + family relationships, and extremely helpful for organizations and work teams.

As a MBTI Certified Practitioner, Leah has been trained to train individuals and teams in understanding their own types + others.


This is when Leah administers the CPP certified assessment to an individual + follows up with a one-on-one meeting or Skype call to talk through the basics of type and your results. By setting individualized goals, this is helpful in understanding how you are wired for personal growth. This allows you to walk into relationships, your marriage, and your workplace with more understanding of how you best relate to others. We set goals to explore how you best find rest, how you thrive with others, and the potential to talk through roles that may best suit your specific type.


Group Trainings are available for teams of any sizes. For this either 1/2 or full-day training, each individual on the team will complete their own individual assessment online before our gathering. After some interactive teaching with examples and activities to best bring to life Type in our work-place and personal settings, each team member will learn their own type. We will discuss how type can be utilized in roles and how to improve team structure + work flow based on this new understanding.