Our Story

Hi, We are Patrick + Leah.

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We are two passionate, belief-driven people raising two tiny human boys. One idealist and one pragmatist, one introvert and one extrovert. We are wired very differently to balance each other in all the right ways. We each spent our time preparing for lives overseas invidiudually before we even knew each other. Patrick spent 4 years as a missionary with Children’s Cup International in Swaziland after university, while Leah studied International Studies, worked at her local church, and traveled every chance she got. We knew working internationally was stirring within us before we ever said "I Do". 

It was quick but not surprising when we moved to South Africa as the interim Country Directors for Children's Cup a year and a half after we got married. After working with that team through a transition, we sensed a nudge. This time to move north to Moshi, Tanzania- a small town at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. It was there we came alongside a small group of missionaries to support their various community projects. Little did we know God was using that place to build something else new and unexpected. 

It was while living in Tanzania that we gave birth to our first son, Elias. This is where we realized there was something else within us. Yes, this new little person, but also an idea for a new little organization. It was born from a desire to see the people we worked alongside and respect so deeply to work from a place of health and to be effective.

As we explored the idea of this organization, we realized to start this work well, we needed to return to America to grow our own skills, reconnect to our spiritual community, and be near family as we build our little tribe. 

We have committed our lives to embracing the adventure of serving God, wherever He leads. After a combined 12 years of full-time ministry living in 4 different countries, we have seen a theme develop in the global Church. Too often we see passionate people with a heart to serve God become exhausted. This is triggered by organizational chaos, the stress of interpersonal relationships, compassion fatigue, or a lack of sufficient support.

Our passion is equip and encourage missionaries and international pastors who are working tirelessly to do the work God has called them to from a place of health. We believe healthy ministers will serve the communities God has called them to more effectively. 



Patrick + Leah Conti


What’s with the name?

Our name, Juniper Table, is inspired by Elijah's restorative encounter with the Lord under a juniper tree in 1 Kings 19. In the story, an angel of the Lord came to a discouraged Elijah and first fed him and told him to rest. This gave him the strength needed for the journey to Mount Sinai where he encountered God. Our desire is to set the table for these “juniper moments” for those we work with.

Our Team.

Hey! I’m Patrick! I am the guy pondering Strategy, ideas, + traveling to new places.

I am husband to Leah, a passionate & creative soul who shares my love of adventure. Leah and I are parents to Elias, who is full of infectious joy, and Forrest, who is surely a gift from God.  

Ok, so a little bit about me: I was born in Belgium and have since lived in 9 additional places. I think my personal history of moving helped shaped who I am. I am a third culture kid and I am an adventurer at heart. I love exploring new places, new cultures and new experiences. I am a Liverpool fan and a soccer player myself.  Hiking, biking, running and generally being outside is what refuels me. I am passionate about gathering with other men to encourage one another and seek God together. I pick up a guitar from time to time and love to worship God through song.  

I love ideas, I love strategy and love lifting up the arms of others. I love listening to someone else’s story. Sometimes I offer counsel and sometimes I just listen. I feel like God made me this way and I am in a process of learning how to use these gifts and strengths that God has given me. I believe God has given Leah and I the grace and ability to act as a bridge between people and cultures. So, we are determined to listen and after listening, trust that God uses us to strengthen others.  

I love Jesus. My desire is to know him more and in doing so to show His love to the world around me.

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Contact Patrick

E: patrick@junipertable.org



A girl born & raised in Baton Rouge, LA who grew up with a deep desire to be anywhere but "home".

Along the way I managed to marry the most inspiring, intelligent, and generous Patrick. Our greatest adventure has proven to be raising our little fellas, Elias and Forrest.

Creativity fuels my soul. I passionately believe in the power of one person's story to unleash potential in the global Church. I hope to tell a story that connects people from different corners of the world to something greater than themselves.

Laughing + Cooking are two of my favorite activities. Even more so, looooooove to make others laugh, preferably while feeding them food I have cooked. I have a serious love affair with baking and my happy place is in the kitchen making delicious things happen.

If you're ever in our neighborhood, stop by for a cup of hot coffee + a slice of fresh bread. We would love to hear your story.


Contact Leah

Email: leah@junipertable.org