Communications Coaching

Putting your work in words to build the global church + improve fundraising.


Doing the actual work is half of the job in the nonprofit world. Love it or hate it, the other half is communicating what you are accomplishing to invite others to give financially to make it happen. We believe a few important things about Communcating about Nonprofit Work:

1- We each need to refine the language used regarding the people we serve + the work we do. Our words should offer dignity + we should let go of the pressure to over-embellish our work to impress donors. We are so guilty of this.

2- You have a responsibility to the global Church to tell the stories of what God is doing in your community to build up believers everywhere. The people writing you checks to support your work need the stories of God at work where you are serving as much as the people you are working with need the service their resources offer. You are a bridge in the world and have a responsibility to both sides.

We believe that the story of what God has done in a life of a person in rural Africa is needed to build up the church in Louisiana. Not to impose guilt or manipulate for money, but to remind us all of how BIG our God is in the midst of our own lives.

We offer a range of services to coach you in refining your communication and creating strategy with how to accomplish this without feeling overwhelmed.

+ Basic Website Design / Updating

+ Branding wording + style

  • Writing a Bio and creating basic content

+ Print Package

  • Custom Thank You Cards

  • Prayer Magnet

  • Newsletter Template

  • Business Cards

  • Christmas Cards

+ Mailchimp Set-up + Training

+ Photography

  • Updated Family + Ministry Photos

+ Video Work

  • Concept + Scripting

  • Voice over work

  • Collaboration with Video Editors to shoot + edit

+ Plans to create a network of graphic designers, web designers, and video editors able to offer lesser prices for:

  • Logo design, custom print design, online pieces, and shirt design.

communication coaching