We can’t do this on our own.

We don’t want to.

Together we can create a community of people with skills to serve leaders around the world. If this is something you’re interested in being a part of or giving financially towards, send us a message and let’s explore what that can look like.


I Can Give.


It takes those who believe in the significance of health and the work these leaders are doing to come together and give to make it happen. If this is a work you believe in, we would love to invite you to give towards the start-up costs.  More on Start-Up Costs →

I Have a Skill.


We are a bridge to facilitate relationships around the world. We are building a network of people with specialized skills to be utilized to further projects around the world. From Graphic Designers, to Counselors, to Accountants- if you can benefit these leaders, we want to hear about it . 

Juniper Table is a registered 501c3 organization. All Donations are tax deductible.