We believe healthy people + a strong team are able to do the most effective ministry in the communities God has placed them to work. There were two main issues we faced in our time working overseas.

  1. Watching dedicated leaders give so much of themselves that they neglected to properly care for themselves and their own families. This causes burn out, failed marriages, and work left unfinished- people left hurting.

  2. Passionate leaders unsure of the next practical steps to take to realize their goals.

We are dedicated to these leaders.

THE MISSIONARY. They moved overseas with a plan to change the world only to find some of their plans thwarted and unsure of the next steps to take to see the dream unfold. The ones who feel stuck. The ones who are under-funded and don’t know how to communicate with their donors. The ones who long for harmony and understanding with those they work with but find conflict. Those who are unsure why it just doesn’t seem to be working.

THE LOCAL PASTOR. They care for a small church in a community full of needs. They lack access to resources to develop themselves or be encouraged by others. They may often feel they are fighting an uphill battle. There are projects to be started, people to feed, and a Gospel to spread but they don’t know where to start.

We believe in you. That is why we are here.