If a tree isn’t healthy, it won’t produce fruit. If leaders aren’t healthy, neither will they.


How We Refresh:


creating space to rest & Renew.


individuals + families to vacation


Connecting leaders to professional counselors


Helping others celebrate life. Because it’s worth it.


In 1 Kings 19, God first encountered Elijah by Giving him snacks and Making him take a nap.

Creating well-structured organizations and teams is only half the battle. We want to nourish and revitalize leaders who give so much of themselves to the work they do.

Many in ministry are surrounded by needs that seem to supersede their own. The constant pressure to meet the needs of others will eventually drain anyone, leaving them exhausted and depleted.

We have seen marriages crumble, children overwhelmed by the weight of their parents’ work, and people quit prematurely because of burn-out. God is able to redeem brokenness, but God is also able to refresh before things break. We believe that creating margin former missionaries and pastors to be refreshed is on of the most effective ways to impact communities around the world. 

The amount of time, energy, and finances it takes to send a missionary overseas is substantial. 

The average cost to send a missionary couple overseas is nothing short of an investment into a region. With an initial cost of at least $35,000 and the average cost of $60,000 per year (according to the IMB) lots of people give to see one person/family sent to work for the needs of another community. Taking care of a missionary’s spiritual health protects both their family and the work they are investing in. It makes both spiritual and financial sense to secure the investments of all who give to send missionaries or support international Pastors.

Our plan to walk alongside these leaders and provide tools + opportunities for refreshment will enable them to serve longer and more effectively, with healthier outcomes from their work. 

Interested in helping create these opportunities for leaders?

From Those We Have Worked With …

As full time ministers of the word of God, it was a day to remember in our lifetime because we don’t normally have time and funds to go out on holiday.
Many times we celebrate our holidays and birthdays at home doing a small thing and thank God for blessing us.
— Matsepho Jele, Pastor in Thubelisha, South Africa.
After serving on the mission field nearly five years, we know what it’s like to be supported... and what it’s like to be left fending for ourselves. To have Juniper Table come alongside us to support us during loss, transition and the unknown was invaluable
— Amanda Batterson, Former missionary to Tanzania + Australia

Living overseas on financial support has been a challenge to take time away as a couple. We were given a surprise gift (of a getaway) that was so incredibly important to our marriage- to get away and rest. We woke up with a feeling of rest we had not experienced in 2 years. It was life-giving to our marriage and flowed into our family. Thank you for investing into our family and our marriage. Gifts like this are so rare but are so impactful.
— Heidi Forrest, Missionary to Tanzania of 7+ years